On 6th October 2009 two events took place in Rome: the FNSI -National Italian Press Agency- “To save the freedom of the information” and the one  called by the  Committees of the temporary school employees to protest against  the financial cuts applied by the government and the policies over this type of  work contract. In the afternoon the demonstration  of the FNSI began in Piazza del Popolo.

The meeting was in fact expected since the 19th September but was put off after the attack  in Kabul where 6 Italian soldiers  lost their lives.

The mobilization  was called to save the freedom of the press which shall not be put under a leash. It was attended  by high renowned spokespeople  of the national and international press and representatives of the opponent  parties and characters  such as the Nobel Prize Mr Dario Fo and the writer an journalist Roberto Saviano.

More than 300 coaches answered to  the FNSI call in Rome. Other cities such as London, Paris and Brussels where similar events took place were as crowded as Rome.