Walking through the streets in the central districts of L´Avana is a unique experience, it means to be thrown and suspended between sensuousness and melancholy, passion and salsa. Everything is suspended between past and present.

But not the future, which looks like it's never goin to come... One can perceive the time passing, by looking at the faded tints of the houses, once painted with vivid colours, or at the colonial architecture falling down into pieces, eroded by the burning sun, by the motionless time, and by the sea: the everyday nothingness. Looking at Cuba with more careful eyes and learning how to relate with this wonderful people uncovers a different world, which prodigiously lives among everyday hardships, without planning the future, as this is just not allowed.

The economical and social isolation has forced the island to be circular, conservative and just open to changes if they are not jeopardizing the status quo: everything is done to supply food and basic goods, but nothing more... Everything, until recently, was remaining motionless.

Which kind of future there could ever be, if it was hardly possible to leave the island and if a son had to see their parents, who are doctors or professors, rushing to work as attendant for the tourists? The solution turned out to be just not thinking, never thinking and living day by day, leaving dreams burn under the Caribbean sun and living everyday life... the nothingness, indeed.