It's been a while since the 3 major Italian unions -Cgil, Cisl, Uil- have  celebrated  Labour Day togheter. On 1st May of each year they have been supporting a national demonstration  relevant to a specific theme. In 2009 that Day was held in L'Aquila, the city destroyed by the earthquake that hit in April of the same year.

Moderation  was the key feature of the event. In order to pay respect to the victims, the traditional parade was not held nor were the flags of the unions held high. The number of participants was kept smaller as to avoid hinders to the people committed to the reconstruction of the site in that very moment.

My black&white pictures, linger on the faces of the best known spokespeople  who took part in the march such as the mayor Mr Cialente, the deputies  of the three unions but above all on the pain stricken, tense, tired and frustrated  faces of those people whose souls have been dramatically marked by the tragedy.